The NextProd Project is funded by Innovation Foundation Denmark and will run from 1st May 2016 to 31st April 2021.

The daily management:

  • Project Leader: Jan Gorodkin, SUND, KU
  • Work Package Leader: Jeppe Vinther, SCIENCE, KU
  • Work Package Leader: Michael Dolberg Rasmussen, Novozymes A/S

Steering Committee:

  • Chairman: Carsten Hjort, Senior Director, Novozymes A/S
  • Vice-chairman: Lars Juhl Jensen, Professor; Disease Systems Biology Program, CPR, SUND, KU
  • Morten Lindow, Bioinformatics leader, RNA Therapeutics Research, Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen A/S
  • Gert Bolander Jensen, IPR Manager, Novozymes A/S


  • Ivo L Hofacker. Head of Dept. of Theoretical chemistry at University of Vienna
  • Rob Knight, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scientist at UCSD
  • Morten Carlsen, Director Global Optimization at Novozymes A/S

Project Partners:


  •  Peter F Stadler, University of Leipzig